Find entertaining things to do & local events in Lubbock, TX

Going on a journey doesn't have to mean taking a trip across the country. There are plenty of things to do in the local Lubbock, TX area. You can enjoy a new activity every weekend and never run out of events to enjoy and places to see. Lubbock Monthly.com can help you find local events and venues that will make your weekend an adventure. You can choose from venues like...

  • Local museums, from the National Ranching Heritage Center to the Science Spectrum Museum, perfect for people seeking educational, cultural or historical knowledge.
  • Live theaters like the Lubbock Community Theatre or Cactus Theater, where you can enjoy a live show put on by some of Lubbock's most talented artists.
  • The United Spirit Arena, which hosts a wide range of local events from basketball games to live music concerts.
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Looking for something on a smaller scale?

Looking for something on a smaller scale?

You don't have to go to a big arena to have a great time. Lubbock has plenty of events that are run by smaller, local companies and venues. If you're looking for things to do that don't necessarily involve a huge crowd, Lubbock Monthly.com can help. You can find everything from local farmers markets to dinner shows and restaurants with live music.

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